Welcome to Healthy Self.

Health is of paramount concern to us all – and it seems there is information on the topic every where.  Read the papers, listen to the news, talk to friends and family and chances are you’ll discover or re-discover ways to improve your quality of life.  Everyday there is new study, product, ‘recipe’ and each new thing that promises to be the magic bullet of healthy living. But strangely enough none of the authors of the research or reports or approaches seem to talk with one other because there is a lot of apparent contradiction in the information.

Healthy Self was created in response to this cacophony of well meaning information that has become enmeshed with marketing hype to try and help make sense of it all.  Like you, we want to improve our health, quality of life and maintain an enjoyable lifestyle with minimum fuss and maximum outcomes.  So join us in this journey as we explore the myriad of options posited for achieving a healthy lifestyle. Through Healthy Self we will explore the different options, look at the benefits and see when to use the variety if options we have available to us all.

Through our Health we can then enjoy Life to the fullest.

Enjoy !!