Following on from our review of The Shakit Mat we been asked by a number of people to write about the ways the Shakti Mat can be used, or how does it assist with a range of conditions such as pain relief. In this article we shall expand on the original post to explore the ways it can be used both at and away from home. We shall also look at who can benefit from its use and what sort of benefits you will get.

To start the benefits I have experienced include improved relaxation, circulation and sleep. I have a small tear in my shoulder joint and as you may or may not know that area does not get a lot of blood supply which slows the healing process. So I will frequently position myself so that my shoulder is stimulated as much as possible. After using the mat the pain is always better. I have laid on it and sat on it and stood on it and had it behind me on the lounge. I routinely go to sleep on it – though I have not slept a night through on it yet – though lots report they do.

Uses/applications of the mat include:

  • natural chronic pain relief – reduce the need for chemical pain killers – your liver will thank you!
  • if you are physically carrying the effects of stress and need stress management – self help!
  • aid recovering from an injury – real self help
  • aid recovering from an illness – promotes health
  • assist coping with an illness – assist with maintaining health
  • have poor sleep
  • experience anxiety and depression
  • agitation and irritability
  • experience fatigue – whether episodic or chronic fatigue – a short rest on the mat will leave you feeling refreshed
  • poor circulation – any part of the body you want to improve circulation

Possible application/uses of the mat:

  • work in a store/are on your feet all day place one behind the counter, or somewhere convenient, to stand on periodically to improve circulation and tiredness
  • are a masseuse then use them at your practice
  • run a yoga practice use them for final relaxation
  • do a lot of repetitive movement or strenuous physical activity then a Shakti mat will make a big contribution to your well being
  • office workers on their chair at work
  • drivers on the car seat
  • physios – use with clients – pain relief
  • massage therapists – same as physios – pain relief
  • mum at home with small kids for a special nap
  • therapist working with ‘hyper’ people – gets people out of their heads and into their bodies
  • athlete – after strenuous training – muscle repair
  • body builder – help repair muscles – muscle repair
  • hypnotherapist – obtain a deeper relaxation response

Who uses it?
It is used by the very young right through to the very old – a 5yr old reports frequently falling asleep on it. Our experience bears out the company claims that children like it a lot. We gave one to a friend as a gift at a party and there were lots of kids at the party. They all loved it and lined up to use it. Regular mat time may be beneficial for worried and over-active children. It’s good to use at bedtime, as they fall asleep comfortably. We can verify that our kids (13ys, 12yrs and 9yrs) like it and use it. In fact I was said to them last week we need to get some more because there is always competition to use it.

Statistics indicate 350,000 people in Sweden alone use one – which tells you something. And it is used by all ages. The only caution is the company advises against pregnant women using it.

Mat and Yoga
You probably know that the bed of nails is of Asian origin and used by yogis. If you are a yogi listen up – yogi mat users indicate  individual practice is deepened from using the mat. Here is a quote from Goran of the Institute for Medical Yoga:

“I started using my Shakti Mat in January 2008 and have been lying, sitting and standing on it literally every day since then. After having practiced Kundalini yoga since 15 years I can say that my yoga practice has reached new heights since I started using my Shakti Mat in my morning practice. I use my Shakti Mat for the long rest and it has given my practice a new dimension. I feel incredibly good. The first month I also lost just over 5 kilos in weight.”

Göran Boll, Institute for Medical Yoga

An interesting Testimonial by a medical doctor –

This is a great product, with many useful health applications. I have found it extremely effective for upper back, neck, and shoulder pain. I am convinced it has very significantly decreased both the frequency and severity of my muscle tension and stress related headaches. I have also used it for lower extremity muscular strains. This may be due to enhanced blood flow and local endorphin release. More interestingly, I use the Shakti Mat as a stimulating back support while driving. It has dramatically reduced muscular back tension during my frequent drives between Jacksonville and Savannah, and I now keep one strapped to the back of my car seat for daily use. Thanks.

–  John S. Young, MD –

After some research I have found 2 companies that produce acupressure mats – I am sure there are more. The other company sells a mat that looks like a rubber version of the original bed of nails – it comes on a thin latex base and looks uncomfortable. The mat I use with my family and clients comes on a padded base which you need. Until you become experienced with the mat ONLY use it on a soft surface. I tried it on the floor once…I won’t try that again for a while…

For more information about acupressure check out the Book Acu-Yoga:Self-Help Techniques To Relieve Tension from Amazon – it looks like a great companion to the mat. It will give you some ideas on which parts of the body to focus on for specific problems. Or check out this book on Acupressure and emotional issues. Explore which books will extend your use of the mat by giving you an idea of what is possible and what areas of the body to focus on. I am not a reflexologist and I have successfully used basic acupressure with family and friends to alleviate head aches, constipation, period pain, nausea, rhinitis, asthma etc so the possibilities are there. Also, arthritis is a huge problem, so if you or someone you love is affected by this debilitating disease, check out Arthritis Relief at your Fingertips. Or my personal favourite The Bum Back Book – the title alone makes it worth reading…

So there you have it. Try the product and see what you think. You may need to persevere a little until you break through any blocks you have about the use of it. In my experience everyone that has tried it has benefited from it. If, on the extremely unlikely chance you decide it is not for you – pass it on. I am sure lots of people will gratefully receive a pre-loved Shakti!

Every stress leaves an indelible scar…and the organism pays for its survival after a stressful situation by becoming a little older.

– Dr Hans Seyle –

If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity is I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress and tension. And if you didn’t ask me I’d still have to say it.

 – George F Burns –