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Just a quick post on financial stress and what looks to be a promising ‘remedy’ – we are a health site.

As you know I’ve been developing an alternative stress management program called Living Calm. The other big things that have been happening in our world are financial. To cut a long story short, we have had a string of financial dramas, including being made redundant. The redundancy was a real shock – but I am not sure why because so many colleagues and friends have lived with it – it’s kind of ‘normal’ – except when it happens to you…

You can image the reactions we got when we told family and friends we were choosing to take our chances on line rather than go back to the rat race. Why, with three school aged kids did we make that choice? A big part of Living Calm philosophy is personal authenticity…we have to walk our talk. So anyway, the last few months have been challenging on every level – including financially.

Living Calm is a brilliant program; it helps you find your core and to live from a stronger more authentic place. AND it’s so much easier to Live Calm  when all ones bills are taken care of and there’s a little something left in the kitty for fun. We know  not having to think about paying bills or buying things for kids liberates our energy for other things.   We know because it’s something we’ve spent a fair bit of time/energy thinking about over the past few months. And needless to say we have been looking for strategies to help us meet our our financial obligations and improve our position.

So we heard about this guy Mike Dillard, who made his goal to “end up on the winning side [financially]” and is now helping as many people as he can do the same so we just had to tell you about it.

Mike D totally immersed himself in his topic area: financial strategies of the rich which he is sharing with ‘normal’ people.  From there he developed the Elevation Group a program that teaches about the financial strategies so you can invest your money like the rich do.  At the moment the Elevation Group is offering membership by invitation only.

The Elevation Group is a 16 part training and membership program. Mike D is insistent anyone can adapt the strategies he teaches. Dillard reflects on what people need to be financially successful :

First, you need cutting-edge, inside information from people who really know what’s going on… Not from the talking-heads on the news, or from your “adviser” who’s only regurgitating the company mantras that are designed to simply sell you on more of their products.


Second, you need the knowledge and skills needed to act on the information you receive…


And finally, you need to have the rolodex necessary to make all of this possible. This is the single most important piece of this entire puzzle because building wealth is just as much about who you know, as what you know. Mike Dillard 2010

Mike D developed the Elevation Group to meet the needs he lists above. Interestingly, the Elevation Group is being recognised as a growing movement of people worldwide. Personally, neither my partner nor I feel able to make any strategic decisions about finance. And neither of us want to go back to the rat race and we have three children to support… We know Living Calm is a great program but we’re not relying on it to be our sole source of income. We know we need new or different strategies to be financially stable and secure. We also know there are interesting times ahead financially on a global level. We want to be prepared so we are seriously looking at it.

We don’t have an income at the moment but we won’t let that stop us. We plan to approach a friend or two and see if they’re interested in sharing a membership and starting a little investment group based around the training; there is strength in numbers. Think about shared membership as a strategy to get access to the program. There is heaps of information about Mike Dillard on the net; do your homework and check it out. We think it looks great. If you like what you see get some friends together, watch the free training and see what you think as a group. Do you have the time to so this work? You don’t  need any more stressors. That said, a question we’ve asked ourselves is can we afford not to? Just be clear, the free training videos are the basis to invite you to become a member of the The Elevation Group. There is no such thing as a shared membership status officially. We have done that with other programs by sharing our log in with members of the group.

The good news is The Elevation Group offers a full 30 day money back no questions asked evaluation period for the program and membership. So you have a full 30 days to test drive the program.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope 2012 is your best year yet – full of F A B U L O U S health, wealth, luscious love and purrrfect self expression.

Seasons greetings from the team at Healthy Self and Living Calm 🙂



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