Hullo Healthy Self Subscribers

Long time! I hope this well note finds you and yours well.

Firstly, I need to apologise for disappearing from the blog. Let me explain. I’ve been working intensively creating the program “Living Calm” which is, at its simplest, a ‘stress management’ program, and it is SO much more than that. Living calm takes a totally different approach to stress and living calm than any other program I’ve seen – and I’ve seen a few.

You know I NEVER intended to write Living Calm. What happened was, I was working on a whole other program when I was asked to give a talk at an expo. The talk was on stress and natural medicine. I decided to go back to the literature to check for any changes in stress theory since I learned about it some 25 years ago. Well, that decision turned my life upside down – it literally changed EVERYTHING. Long story short, not only did I see my own health story described in a theory I didn’t know existed I also LEARNED that what I’d been ‘taught’ about stress is just one part of a MUCH larger picture, a picture that has huge ramifications for us all. On the basis of this ‘new’ knowledge I concluded that to really make a difference in our lives i.e. to live better/calmer, we need to understand stress differently to how we currently do. I was shocked to learn that no one is really talking about stress the way the Doctor who discovered it 80+ years ago did, which I believe, is a huge disservice to us all. I decided I had to step up. And so 12+ months later here I am with a lot of information (about an issue I never intended to research) and a new program (I never intended to write)…huh?…you think you’re confused…

I really got into it and I started thinking about and researching stress from a whole lot of different perspectives. So, I’ve added a lot of current thinking and theory to the existing stress theory because it explains and clarifies what happens to us on a daily basis. I’ve discovered that it really is not your fault that you overreact or worry or obsess or whatever it is we do in the face of stress. It’s none of our fault. I now understand that we all downloaded programming at a very early age that informs how we understand and interpret the world. Now I thought I understand that before right? But epigenetics (new branch of science) is proving there are a whole biological components to this equation we never previously knew existed. There is psychological, physiological/biological elements that determine our behaviour in ways we are (blissfully? not..) unaware of. Now that understanding does not absolve anyone from personal responsibility – it just helps us understand why things have worked out the way they have for the vast majority of us and points us in different directions for change.

Having just said that, the single greatest thing about Living Calm is that I have designed the program so that even if you think what I just said is utterly untrue – complete cods-wallop – it doesn’t matter. You can (and will) benefit from the program because Living Calm is completely personalised – working from your frame of reference. We provide you with frameworks to consider and a process to follow to get you the outcomes you want for you because at Living Calm, it IS “all about you” – you’ll understand when you watch the free training.

So that brings me to this email to you. I’ve had my head in books, researching, for the better part of twelve months. Shortly after writing the program idea I started training in it, applying it in clinic etc and I’m thrilled to report I’ve had great results – great! So what’s the problem? Being the ‘perfectionist’ I am I have been worried (obsessing?) I might have missed something…crucial. You know that feeling right? You’re sure you’ve forgotten something but you can’t remember what that something is and yet you sure it’s something vitally important?…. Then I remembered you. You guys have always provided great insights and critique of what I write so I decided to turn to you for help. I would LOVE your thoughts on what you think should go into a comprehensive stress (living calm) program, just leave a comment on this post with your thoughts.

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it seems the whole world is stressed at the moment. As a way of giving something back and introducing the program we have developed some free training videos. It would be doubly fantastic to get some of your comments on the free training.

I know it may  seem ‘late in the day’ to be asking for feedback but I’m adamant that if you all identify something I’ve missed, I’ll just add more to the program. I also plan to make a frequently asked questions videos to answer any burning questions from the free training – so one way or another we will answer you. So, will you please:

  1. tell me your top two or three things you’d like to see in a comprehensive program about living calm/ minimising stress? And
  2. register for the FREE videos at Living Calm and leave some comments/questions/let me know what you think about each of the free training videos. I will respond to questions and comments personally.

My partner is climbing the walls here because I keep insisting on talking with you ‘first’…I just want to make sure I have this right.

We have never done ANYTHING like this before and we are still trying to figure out how to get people to see our site/program. So if you get to the site and there aren’t many comments please get the ball rolling will you? I think it’s a lot like going to a party and being the first one to dance… Thanks in advance healthy self-ers, I know I can count on you…you have always told me what you thought before this shouldn’t be any different right?  🙂

In the mean time I’ll finish and post the second part of the article on stress that I started writing ages ago (oops). How weird is that? The universe must have known something. Difference is, back then I was writing from (what I now understand to be) a somewhat limited perspective – not that it was wrong or bad – just not as expansive as it is now. I guess that’s what evolution is all about 🙂

Check out the videos and see for yourself.

Anyway sorry is this feels like a rant – things are understandably crazy here.

Oh and stayed tuned I have a crazy special offer for Healthy Self subscribers….

Hope you guys can help