I am nothing short of appalled at what is happening in the UK. When a Government tries to pass legislation that essentially makes all medicinal herbs illegal across Europe what else can you be? And that is exactly what the Government in the UK is trying to do as we speak. If you value your right to make choices about how you care for your own health then please read on and then sign the petition NOW.

If this act is passed it will put Natural Health Products in the same category as drugs (‘therapeutic products’). In Canada the Bill passed there makes herbal medicine available only through prescription (i.e. ‘please doctor, could I get some vitamin C?’). In Europe the cost for obtaining approval to sell a natural product is estimated at £80,000 and set to rise to an estimated £120,000 per herb. I am sure you wont be surprised to learn that each herb of a given compound must be treated separately. So those (often sole) practitioners who prescribe herbal medicines comprising multiple herbs will be unable to practice because they will not be able to pay to have each herb verified. If passed, this bill will effectively eliminate most practitioners and increase the cost of natural medicine. The only companies with enough capital to test, verify and make natural medicines will be the big Pharmas, thus enabling them to corner the market they have helped to destroy.

Have a read Heidi Stevenson’s article on what is happening in Europe make up your own mind and sign the petition NOW. Please do not make the mistake this lunacy is limited to the UK as demonstrated by the Canadian Bill C51 – I defy you NOT to be gob smacked!

This is a travesty – if passed the bill will mean you no longer have a choice about the kinds of health options you want to use. In addition to your personal right to choose for you and your family, this draft legislation has social, cultural and economic implications. The time to act is NOW.

As I understand it the deadline has been extended till the end of April 2011 – so act NOW!

This is a great video giving you a summation of the situation in the UK.

This craziness wont stop in the UK and it wont stop with herbs. The big pharmas know many of the ‘medicines’ they produce are at best useless and at worst harmful. This bill is a neat way to get traditional medicine out of the hands of the people who understand it and are committed to the principles and practices of this way of treating. I don not know ONE practitioner motivated by sales. They are motivated by the need to facilitate healing on the planet. What do we know drives pharmas?

If we do not act now, future generations will be reduced to buying herbs at the supermarket or pharmacy with the rest of their prescription drugs. Please defend your rights and the rights of future generations.

In closing, I don’t understand why we are hearing about this for the first time at the 11th hour. Evidently this has been going on for over a year… I only heard about this because the president of the homoeopathic association advised us of this insane activity. So I apologise for the late notice. And we must act NOW.

Please please please ACT NOW and leave your comments below.