This post is written specifically for anyone not living the life they have dreamed of. If you are living the perfect life then surf on and see you next week. If not, then maybe we can help. Let us share with you something we are working with – again… the principle of the Law of Attraction or focusing on what you want. OK – busted… I have been re-watching The Secret and it’s something I should have done ages ago. You know when you kinda half remember something and then when you are reminded of it you are like – ‘oh yeah – why did we ever stop doing that? Well that was how I was with the Law of Attraction/ The Secret.

I was half applying the principles of The Secret for years and then wondering why it seemed to work sporadically. Then as I was watching it, again, I remembered some things; snippets from my past which were reminders that I had always at one level or another, believed and lived by the ideas of the secret. For example, I remember when I was as young as about seven I was playing ping pong with my older brother and one of his friends – they were about 19 yrs old at the time. Anyway my brothers friend broke my bat. Our family did not have much (any) money. The ping pong set was a gift and so very precious; I was heartbroken.  The boy promised to replace it.  He didn’t have money either. After they left, my Mother, in an attempt to save me from being disappointed said “don’t be upset – he will not replace the bat” which on the face of the situation seemed pretty reasonable. 

I knew better – I had (as Lisa Nichols puts it in the film) unwavering faith – I knew, like I knew, like I knew he would replace it.  Anyway he visited three or four times after and each time he visited I would be quietly expectant and he’d said “I’ll bring it next time“. After each visit my Mother would repeat her ‘comforting mantra’ and I would repeat mine. It became a piece of theater. By the time the boy left after his fourth visit Mum got cranky with me because I “did not learn”. True, at this you could understand why she thought I was bring “silly” and I held my belief.  Anyway on the fifth visit he brought the bat – just as I knew he would. My mother was surprised to say the least – though I don’t remember her saying anything afterwards. I didn’t care – I just knew… and sometimes things just take a little longer than you think they should 🙂

And I have other vivid memories – I remember telling my Mum I had dreamt the key to everything lay inside us – locked away and once we knew the key all would be revealed. My mother, a devout Catholic, replied “God is the key“. He (sic) is all knowing and all powerful and we should leave ‘knowing’ to him” and that was the end of that. I was never satisfied with her answer but knew I was not going to get anywhere. So I read a whole lot of Eastern philosophy and later metaphysics. I was brought up in a very conservative family – so you can imagine my way of being in/seeing the world was never supported or respected. Anyway I remembered and pondered the dream/insight for a long time only to ‘forget about it later’ when I got caught up in the doing of life after school. I now believe that the principles revealed in The Secret are ‘the key‘ I had dreamt of all those years previous. And when I reflect on my life I can see the Law of Attraction is something I have consistently used, more or less consciously, throughout my life and it has never failed me.  More often it has worked in reverse from declarations of what I didn’t want… For example, I would repeat often and with much passion “I don’t ever want to live in X suburb” after visiting a close friend who lived there. Yep you guessed it – later we lived in X suburb for years, 3 mins walk from where my friend used to live. We had put so much energy into visualising avoiding that suburb when we were house hunting that, that suburb is what we got. Funny huh? Luckily the area grew on us – that’s a whole other story…

So I have absolutely no hesitation in saying – focus on what you want and who/how you want to be. Leave what you do not want completely out of the equation – it’s safer there. So, for example, rather than think ‘I don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who…’ focus on ‘being in a relationship with someone who does…’ Equally, rather than think about what you don’t want in a house/job/car etc etc focus on all the aspects you WANT. And every time you recognise yourself getting that feeling of hopeless or despair or doubt or whatever say ‘cancel cancel’ to yourself and find something to help you focus on feeling good. Sound crazy? Sound too good to be true? Whether you think this is crazy or not try it – especially if you are not getting the results you want in your life – you got nothing to lose except the results you don’t want – see there we go again!

Go for your bliss – go for what you truly want. And remember the words of E.E. Cummings: “It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are” – so go easy on yourself and congratulate you for taking such a courageous step. Most of us are conditioned to become what our family etc considered ‘best’. Now if there is traction between how you were conditioned and what you want – cool. But if you have some niggling desire, some craving, some longing for something else then I am guessing that you, like us, became a contortionist and did what was expected. That’s cool too – it’s how most of us survived growing up.

And now is the time to do it differently. Now it’s time to ‘do you’ for you, on your terms – in your way. You can do and be what you want. And the process starts with you being clear about what you want and then putting it out there. You declare you desire to the universe and then let it do it’s part.

If you haven’t already seen it, then take a look at some extracts from The Secret and get inspired. And by the way we do not get any commission for your click. We just believe the universe is abundant – there is more than enough to go around and we should all have the opportunity to live the life we want/deserve. As for those people living in dire straights – we share our prosperity as best we can – and we encourage everyone to do the same. As the Buddha said ” Be the change you want to see in the world” We all have so much to be grateful for – we can afford to be generous – if not financially then in spirit. Giving does not take away from but rather adds to our life.

We will keep you posted on our latest, fully conscious experience of working with the Law of Attraction. We have just starting discussing it with our kids – and we are about to make a vision board for each family member and one for the whole family. Like I said before, even if you think the Law of Attraction is loopy – know that articulating and focusing on what you want is recognised as the first step in effect goal setting – so either way you have nothing to lose. Give it a go – as a general rule it makes more sense to move toward something you want rather than move away from something you don’t – agreed? After all, literally speaking, moving away from what you don’t want just takes you further from that point. It does not take you closer to what you seek right?

So – who, what, where, etc do you want??? Some questions to contemplate – Can you be really clear about it? Can you visualise it? Do you believe you deserve it? Do you really want it? What will happen to your life as you know it when your desire manifests – are you ready for that kind of change? Can you live with those consequences?

If you are interested we’ll share our biggest outcome using the law of attraction to date – the one that re-set us on this path. In the mean time have a great time designing your future. Being your own visionary and envisioning your future is a blast. You decide the whats and the universe takes care of the hows – now that’s a neat division of labor.