Hey Guys. Hope this post finds you well and buzzing 🙂 Yep I am still on raw food and yep still feeling peppy – more on that later.

The purpose of this post is to give you folks an intimate look at Silver Sol because it really has rocked my world. Being a homeopath I tend to use homeopathic remedies only. That said, I am not one sided enough to think that homeopathy is the only game in town. While I know homeopathy is a phenomenal system of medicine, I also know there are times when something else is necessary, more appropriate, easier for the client to use or (you list the reason).

So recently, for example, I made a clients daughter (who was heading off to work in a developing country) a some what unconventional homeopathic first aid travel kit. Of course she got a kit full of remedies and I also gave her a couple of bottles of Silver Sol and some extremely potent pro-biotics. I didn’t want her to have to treat a problem she can prevent. Silver Sol is a proven water cleaning agent and travel safe pro-biotics provide solid gut support (insurance). Moreover, Silver Sol is clinically proven not to kill good bacteria and to boost the immune system. So I did’t have to worry about the silver killing the good gut bacteria. And, if, for whatever reason the silver and the pro-biotics do not prevent sickness (which I doubt), she can still treat herself with the homeopathic remedies. I am sure that after using  Silver Sol and pro-biotics, any tummy troubles she may experience will be milder than if she had not been taking them. That’s why I gave her the combination of Silver, pro-biotics and first aid kit.

Post script on the volunteer. NO tummy bugs on a 6 month stay in a rural setting in Uganda. By rural I mean no sewage, no running water or electricity. I am impressed! She took the Silver Sol daily, spaced the out pro-biotics and ended up treating the locals acute complaints with the homeopathics! A great outcome indeed. BTW Silver Sol is being used extensively in Africa to treat Malaria among other things.

All practitioners have had clients go overseas with a well stocked first aid kit and solid instructions. We practitioners get very despondent when these folks still get sick get sick. Many people are confident using remedies until the pressure is on. It has happened to me too. Traveling, sick kids, no sleep, not reading the situation properly and boom a manageable situation blows up into something bigger. That’s one of the main reasons I LOVE Silver Sol for travelers – there is no thinking. It is patented to kill 140 odd pathogens – so as long as you take it you have pretty good insurance. Anyway I will stop blathering on and give you the goodies. This is a video from a guy called Keith Moeller from American Biotech Labs (ABL) the makers of Silver Sol.

ABL says Silver Sol is so effective because it is mad up of “nano particles” and so, is highly dilute. Sounds a lot like a homoeopathic remedy to me. That said, Silver Sol is not used homeopathically – but we wont hold that against them. Take a look at the video and see for yourself. The whole video is worth listening to but for those with limited time I have pulled out salient bits and listed them below. Make sure you pay attention to the reference to MRSA. Silver Sol is proven to KILL MRSA. Anyone I know going into hospital gets a bottle or two. Anyway – see what you think and let me know.

6: 55 – Toxicity and pro-biotic bacteria – really important. Internal use stats are amazing.

11:30 – Recent clinical evidence using silver sol internally is useful to treat specific problems and help with recovery rates.

12:50 – Malaria killed 3.43 days

13:30 – Testing overview – labs used – data independently verified

16:05 – MRSA reference – testing  (1740 tests EPA proven) proves efficacy of Silver Sol ***

16:43 – Tuberculosis – Silver Sol killed it.

17:30 – Anthrax – they worked with the US Gov’t on Anthrax –Silver Sol kills pathogen and spore faster than the strongest most toxic chemical products

19:10 – Bubonic Plague – Silver Sol killed it

20:45 – Water cleaning agent – fabulous!

22:04 – Dental water line cleaner approval from EPA

22:40 – Labs approval from 42 product – non toxic, chemical, kill

23:15 – Silver vs Virus – amazing…

24:25 – SARS with NIH ****

26:05 – H1N1 vs Tamiflu

28:02 – US Army collaboration on: Leishmaniasis (flesh eating protozoa from mozzie/sandfly)

28:20 – Seeking FDA approval to use Silver Sol on/in wounds in hospitals.

31:39 – Silver Sol Vs pharmaceutical silver product for MRSA –

32:35 – Kansas state – working on disinfecting beef carcasses

34:00 – Major French Dry Hospital Mask Group – testing efficacy of Silver Sol dry on masks. Successful when dry.

35:09 – Dilute in soap killed athletes foot, jock itch, ring worm

35:55 – Penn State – Uni Arizona found: Found silver sol kills by direct contact and by resonance

37:15 – Hospital disinfectant

37:55 – Sil dust – new product

38:34 – Patents and peer reviewed studies

38:40 – Mtg with Surgeon General USA – Surgeon General recommendation to US Gov’t

How cool is that??? Every time I use Silver Sol I am more impressed with it. We use it at home regularly on burns, stings, bites, cuts, allergic reactions, as a mouthwash and the list goes on. The kids now routinely ask for Silver Sol and Arnica 🙂

All I can say now is think about boosting your immune system with Silver Sol – you won’t regret it.