And the adventure continues – at least for a while. Sufficed to say, the experiences I described with my initial foray into raw food continued and so did my satisfaction with the regime. I was raw for two weeks plus and committed to keeping it up because I love how I feel physically. Gas and a whole lot of other things we don’t discuss in polite company reduced or went away completely! What’s more, I have had some (hormonal?) spots and discolouration flare up around my chin. Raw food has completely alleviated that to the point a friend commented on the change.

That said a number of other things have cropped up for me.

  • I do feel a bit daunted at the idea of eating salad every day forever. I did not realise how addicted I am to cooked food… And it’s not just the eating cooked food – it is the cooking process itself. Handling food, preparing it… all of that stuff. I am beginning to understand food plays a very different role in the life of a dedicated raw foodist than a non raw foodist.
  • I need to re-organise both my head and the physical environment to go raw for any period of time. I have discovered going raw really is a space shifter. Since going raw, I am using appliances that have, until now, been decorating our cupboards. And of course I am using less pots and pans. Washing up is so much easier too. I love how much cleaner the kitchen feels with less stodge, fat and grease. Everything just  feels lighter and clearer.
  • Eating raw is providing me with a whole new vantage point from which to examine the role that food plays in my life. I love how much more free time I have since eating raw. I am not spending so much time cooking and planning meals etc. On the days I eat only blended food, I blend it in the morning and drink it throughout the day – easy!
  • I do feel guilty I am eating healthier than my kids. I am looking for raw recipes to excite them. So far they like the smoothies, some of the crackers and the raw chocolate fudge. I have to remember kids palates are that much more sensitive than adults. So what has a strong flavour to me knocks their socks off.
  • I have to systematise this to make it work. So, for example, I read about this one guy who, the minute he buys nuts, soaks them, dehydrates them, grinds them into nut flour and freezes it. That way he always has available nut flour for recipes. Or this woman who keeps raisins, dates and figs soaking in jars of water in the fridge for the same reason… stuff like that. Without a system I can see I run the risk of making a lot of salads and slowly dying of boredom…
  • I really like hot food… I love soups, freshly baked goodies, baked veggies, dry fried noodles – you get the idea. So the thought of being raw i.e. cold (warm) forever seems a bit sad. But then I tell myself, I can always have something if I really want it – like when I am travelling.
  • My body is asking for raw food. I had planned to preserve Sunday morning breakfast with the family. Last two Sunday’s I made a myself a small green smoothie and then sat down at the table thinking I would have only a small ‘regular breakfast’ with them too. I was so satisfied with the smoothie that I could not eat anything else. Not eating with them felt strange – almost sad. It’s like one of the things we enjoy together as a family, sharing a meal, we don’t have any more… For example, we tell stories from when we were travelling about the food – it is one of the anchors. Do you remember that yummy pasta we had in Naples? What about the Pique Macho in Cochabamba? Actually you know, reflecting a bit more, maybe it’s not so important. I can think of heaps of things the kids ate that we did not. Maybe this is just an emotional road-block  🙂 Guess I will just have to finds more raw food recipes the kids will love.

Well, I was doing so well until I crashed and burned! Friday night we had friends over and we prepared a mainly raw meal. I was so impressed with myself. Everything was enjoyed thoroughly . Then came Saturday night. We planned to go to a Lebanese restaurant with some friends. Great! lots of salad, but had the restaurant had changed hands It is now an Indian restaurant; we decided to stay. It was late and the kids were tired. Well, there was no salad on the menu and I was hungry…  I ate a cooked meal and paid for it the next morning. On waking my post nasal drip had escalated with a vengeance and I felt completely hung over even though all we drank was water. I had gas, bloating and generally felt blah. And I was craving a green smoothie – which really helped.

So there you have it – I will keep you posted on how I progress. My reaction to the cooked dinner really surprised me. Like i said – will keep you in the loop. To our health!