I have to tell you about my latest adventure. As you know I am, and  always have been, very interested in all aspects of health. Perhaps it was growing up with an invalid and oodles of chronic illnesses that did it? I have always been interested in health, healing, nutrition and people taking control of their own lives. And when we combine health and self determination my ears really prick up!

My version of health and self determination is my practice. I am a homoeopath who incorporates EFT and NLP as appropriate. I encourage clients to understand what is ‘going on for them’ because in my world view, illness is always a symptom of something else. Homeopathy is brilliant for ‘getting underneath’ and treating the whole person. So for me homeopathy is a big part of healthy self determination.

I have also explored self determination through eating regimes. I agree with Hippocrates “let they food be thy medicine”. So, if we want solid health, we must be fundamentally strong – which is where food comes in. Throughout my own life I have explored a range of approaches to nutrition and eating including: wholefood; vegetarianism; vegan food; paleolithic diet; various elimination diets; intermittent fasting and the variations of the specific carbohydrate diet. I can say good things about each one of those eating regimes. Though with hindsight, I am not sure whether those regimes (at least the way I practised them) were so good or whether my body was just relieved to be off what it had been eating… But I always seemed to feel better…for a while. Even though I got sick whilst being a vegetarian/vegan, I enjoyed that eating regimen most. I have never been a big meat eater. That said, I love, and espouse the benefits of a slow cooked chicken broth…

Anyway, whilst going through my library recently I discovered that over the years I have acquired a number of books on raw food. It is an area I have been interested in for a long time but not explored for a sustained period. I have eaten a lot of raw food, but that is different to living on it. On the spur of the moment, I decided to give it a go. Why not? I have tried just about every other eating system!

So what does the average raw eating menu look like? Everyone who is anyone in the raw food world recommends a green smoothie for breakfast – hmmn… I am starting this in the middle of our winter. And I love slow cooked whole grains; oats, rice, barley… Green smoothies for breakfast was going to be a challenge.  But, like I said, I decided to give it a go and once I make up my mind…

Day 1  – Green smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch and salad for dinner. I felt strong and energised all day. I made the smoothie from Italian lettuce (bitter), pear, spinach, water with a teaspoon of maca powder, hemp seed and chia seed. It was surprisingly OK and it kept me going till lunch – cool; not even oats does that. I was surprised, not only did I have sustained energy but I thought I noticed my mood more even. Who knows? After all it was day one. I could just be elated that I made it through… best not jump to conclusions.

After that experience, I am definitely committed to giving this a good go. And the more I read on raw food, the better it looks. David Wolfe (raw food guru) is inspiring. Not even sure how I stumbled across him but am glad I did. You know the Law of the Universe: when you put out a clear vision the universe delivers? Well, recently I was discussing raw food and David Wolfe with a new client. This client knows a raw food chef who knows David Wolfe and the woman who organises his tours here. Small world huh? The raw food chef Sue runs Arete Wholefoods – a raw organic food market in Sydney’s southern suburb of Caringbah. I dropped in to see Sue and she introduced the kids to raw chocolate fudge. They LOVED every sugar free, wheat free, hydrogenated oil, colour and preservative free morsel. All the fudge had in it, I think, was raw cacao powder, cacao butter, avocado, walnuts and agave syrup. Like I said, they LOVED it. And even though they knew it was healthy it didn’t taste healthy. I am happy for them to eat those kinds of ‘sweets’ regularly. On that note alone, I am definitely keeping this up and will keep you posted.

By the way, I know something has shifted because normally I become a werewolf before my period. This month, I did not even know it was coming till it arrived! I wasn’t imagining it! My mood has been more even. Cool huh? Give it a go, even just one meal a day. If you are a woman who experiences PMS,/PMT going on my experience, that’s about all you got to lose. Now isn’t that a nice thought?


The kids have started having some green smoothie in the morning too. You can make the smoothie mild enough to be effective but not offensive. The ‘I’m not hungry/eat some breakfast’ drama seems to have been replaced with them drinking a smoothie that is way more nutritious than any toast or cereal Woo hoo!