No secret I am a homeopath and it’s no secret that lots of folks out there don’t understand or agree with modalities like homeopathy. You know what? DON’T CARE!!! I am sooooo over being brow beaten by people who haven’t got the faintest idea about homeopathy. These same people then presume to tell me – not ask – but TELL me why homoeopathy is a sham and by association so am I.  And I am officially over trying to reason with or just inviting people to think about homoeopathy or any other form of ‘alternate‘ healing. We are all adults and as such have the right to make our own choices – knock yourself out! Just leave me alone – OK? I respect your choices – offer me the same courtesy.

The reason for this rant? Truthfully, I have had my doubts about homeopathy too occasionally. And no not because it does not work – it has never let me down… Rather it’s in those moments when I am designing a presentation on homeopathy and I think about how ‘science’ does not support the modality. We are all so hypnotised by materialism. I think most us who work outside the mainstream have occasional doubts – and why not? We are constantly ridiculed, questioned, forced to defend ourselves and our work in a way those in the mainstream have never even dreamed of. And why would they? They are the mainstream, accepted ‘understood’… Anyway, every now and again I have my not so secret doubts and then a lesson appears. I have to say that after this latest lesson I have renewed respect for the power of this modality.

While working in Bolivia I managed to fall – and no not just trip but fall – straight down on my coccyx – youch!!! I will spare you the details – suffice to say my feet went up in the air and I landed directly on my tailbone, on a concrete floor. In an attempt to try and minimise the damage I put my hand out – as you do – except that I was wearing a thick plastic bracelet on said hand. It went straight into the base of my palm and my wrist – needless to say it hurt. For a minute I thought I had broken either my hip, my wrist or both.

Within minutes the base of the thumb on my right hand (mound of venus) was black and swollen.  The main vein that runs up from the wrist into the palm of the hand was blackening and swollen and really sore to touch. Meanwhile sharp electric type pains ran straight up from my tailbone up my spine – not a good sign. I could not and did not move while Gez got me some Hypericum (used for injuries to tailbone, amongst other things) and then some Arnica – wonder medicine of wonder medicines. Within five minutes I was able to get up and later shuffled off to work. The team I work with was amazed at my hand – I kept taking Arnica and Hypericum throughout the day and diligently rubbed Arnica cream onto my palm. Throughout the day the pains eased and my hand became increasingly comfortable.

OK, so I spent the day hobbling around – unable to sit comfortably or for any period of time. Even though the pain in  my hand decreased over the course of the day I guarded it and hardly used it all. And so I went to bed, apprehensive of what the next day would bring – as we all know day two is usually worse right?

Well day two completely amazed even me. Take a look at the photos of my hand which were taken less than 24 hours after the injury. I could not believe it – the pain almost completely resolved in my hand and I was able to sit down and get up and down with relative ease. True my coccyx was still sore – but nothing like the day before. Of course I continued to use those medicines – though with less frequency over the subsequent days. You know, in a weird way I am kinda glad I had the fall because it has gave me the chance first hand to remind myself of just how good this modality/medicine really is.

To those of you who confirmed in your ‘anti’ position – whether it is homeopathy or anything else, I truly wish you well. I hope that what ever form of treatment you choose for you and your family gives you the kind of health benefits you want and more. To those of you who have even a glimmer of curiosity about other modalities I urge you to explore whatever it is. Health our greatest asset is too precious to leave in the hands of discrimination. In my humble opinion, that so many ‘alternative’ medicines have been proven and re-proven over thousands of years on literally millions (billions?) of patients is just as valid as any set of double blind trials. I am thinking about traditional Chinese medicine or Ayurveda for example. Other modalities such as homeopathy emerged at the same time as modern medicine. Homoeopathy uses principles thousands of years old and demonstrates results based exclusively in research and practice.

Many people say certain systems can’t work because we can’t, yet, explain how these systems work. Ironically most doctors do not understand the mode of action of particular drugs they use, they simply know that they have an effect on a particular problem and so they use them. Why are there two different sets of rules?

I am not anti doctor – au contra-ire one of the best people I ever worked with was a doctor in Bolivia. She is open minded and prepared to work outside the square. And if I ever was in an accident I would want you to take me to the emergency department though I am likely to take some homeopathics along the way. The point is, we need to use the medicine appropriate to the problem we are treating rather than assume there is only one right way. As a homeopath I will refer people to other modalities. I use other modalities myself, with my family and in practice. I just reckon that if we could work more collaboratively we would get better health outcomes for our clients – is that a sham?