Hi All, just had to let you know that since we posted our first article on What is Reseveratrol we have used a new product NuRev by Nutronix. I have had a good response to the supplement – more on that in another post. But more importantly I have been listening to some webinars on NuRev and people have had such a good response to it they are starting local loss competitions on it. These are mature people who have been using it and they report they are losing weight effortlessly. I was heartened – perhaps, at last, some marketing we can believe. Is this the product for mature people who need to rev up their metabolic system?

One guy who rang participating in the webinar reported starting a weight loss competition at his office. He is organising a ‘biggest loser‘ challenge using NuRev Resveratrol – that’s how confident he is about the product. He decided to do this based on the feedback from a friend who took half a case (6 bottles) over a period of months and lost 50 pounds. That man was so impressed with the product that he sent half a case to his brother who also lost weight!  This man, NOT a member of the company, has since ordered another case.  We were so impressed by their story that we ordered a case. We gave some as Xmas presents and kept some for ourselves. BTW, I have been using the product for about a month and people are asking me if I am losing weight! Now that objective is ALWAYS on my agenda… so watch this space. I am so excited!!!

So what’s in it? NuRev contains 200mg of Trans Resveratrol – Trans Resveratrol is the active form of Resveratrol plus 50 gms of the OPC grape extract. Therefore NuRev is a super powerful antioxidant and anti-aging formula all in one. In the animal studies, animals supplemented with Resveratrol became ‘super critters’ exhibiting greater endurance and less body mass (ie fat). One veggie cap of Resveratrol is equivalent to 1000 bottles of red wine. So even if you took just one a day you will pay $27 USD a month – which is, comparatively, an affordable anti-aging supplement.

Using two capsules a day, users report:

  • Natural hair colour returning – I am keen to experience that…
  • Effortless weight loss – especially around the area of the stomach
  • Small lumps disappeared
  • Improved cardiovascular function
  • Gain lean muscle mass

Some info on – Aging and Sirtuin Gene

The Sirtuin gene suppresses DNA instability – as we age the DNA, because of stress and lifestyle, becomes unable to replicate itself perfectly.  Any DNA left over mess ie at the cellular level, contributes to the accumulated stress in the body and causes aging. The structure of Resveratrol enables it to reactivate the Sirtuin gene and so make the DNA more stable. So, Resveratrol is clinically proved to reverse the aging process. The functions of the sirtuin gene include:

  • metabolism
  • inflammation
  • cell cycle
  • insulin secretion
  • ammonia detoxification
  • DNA repair and transcription

Of course aging is more complex than one gene or one product; there are approximately 30,000 genes that are active in the human body. I have recently read about studies that suggest genes such as the kltoho gene and SCH9 also play an important role in anti-aging. At this stage, Resveratrol is the only anti aging supplement with observed outcomes. One researcher has speculated Resveratrol can mimic the effects of caloric restriction on longevity, perhaps another post?  He also suggests Resveratrol might interact with one or both of the aforementioned genes. This is a ‘brave new world’ where manufacturers are scrambling for shreds of evidence they can use to substantiate product claims.  NuRev manufacturers (Nutronix) state the effects of NuRev are that it winds the system backwards with marked effects on metabolism. It certainly is having incredible user outcomes.

For more information go to the Nutronix site and take a look at the videos on the product page that talk ab out the benefits of Resveratrol.

Post Script

The two friends who received NuRev (Resveratrol by Nutronix) for Xmas were so happy with the product they have decided to buy it themselves. These women experienced a marked sense of well being, greater energy and an all round ‘good feeling’. What a great result – I only found that out when they came looking to buy more! As a natural health practitioner I am always looking for supplements that will enhance our capacity to age well and this appears to be one I can rely on.

One final word

As you know, this site is dedicated to heath and healthy living. So as excited as we are about this supplement we feel compelled to remind readers that this supplement is just that – a supplement. It is NOT a replacement for a healthy diet. In fact, from a nutritional standpoint, a healthy diet will assist NuRev to work better.  Nutrition is a complex subject – but you know the saying – garbage in… and it clogs up your intestines and leaves you nutritionally starved at a cellular level. Cellular starvation in turn impacts on every other process in your body.