It’s no secret I am a homoeopath and no that’s not me in the photo…but I would really like some of whatever it is she is taking… I love homoeopathy and I love being able to work with people to develop their own health and wellness goals/strategies. One of our strategies for achieving that is to construct our world with as few chemicals as possible. While I am not anti 21st century or anti doctor in any way I do believe in – and enjoy the positive effects of – eliminating harsh chemicals – especially for our children. Their systems are SO sensitive and we need to protect/support them for as long as possible – they will bombard themselves into toxic overload when they are adolescents…To see the amazing effects of eliminating chemicals for yourself, take a look at the outcomes being achieved in areas like the treatment of autism and autism spectrum disorders. Once harmful chemicals are removed from kids DIETS and environments, those same kids (and their families) transform’ as if by magic. Anyway – I digress.

As the northern hemisphere head into (swine) flu season and with that whole issue of  the Ukraine strain lurking – an article on (swine) flu prevention and treatment seemed timely. I have written what I think of as key interventions/strategies depending on the client and their situation.

As you know, there is no ‘one way’ to treat any health problem (except perhaps trauma), and this list is NOT exhaustive. I have limited space and so have chosen the methods I will mainly be drawing on this season. I have not included major modalities such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda which have been keeping massive populations’ healthy for a millennia and are great resources. And…being a homoeopath, homoeopathy is my first preference. That said, I understand homoeopathy is not the first choice for many people, as strange as that is to me…so I have included a smorgasbord of options to consider and mix and match as preventatives  and treatments should the need arise. Obviously use what makes most sense to you and your family. Logistics may be what helps you determine what option(s) to choose, i.e. it is easier for you to get one product compared to another. These are the main options I will be choosing from for/with my family and clients this winter.

The best treatment is prevention so:

  • Build a strong immune system. As you know, immunity is linked to gut (the gut is considered our 2nd brain). To make sure your gut is operating well supplement with good quality probiotics. We use the Progurt range FYI – I am not affiliated with Progurt and I DO use their products in clinic because they are exceptional.
  • Hygiene – washing your hands thoroughly and often helps prevent the spread of germs. That said, scientists warn that hand washing is unlikely to prevent the spread of  (swine) flu as it is transmitted as small airborne particles. That said hand washing is an important public health tool none the less. Contracting other bugs makes you more susceptible – particularly if you are the kind of person that ‘soldiers on’ even when you are sick. Consider carrying hand cleaning gel if you are going to be out and about – especially if you are eating ‘on the street’.  Remember gel for cleaning little hands on the go.
  • Supplement – most of us are stressed and running around like crazy people. Our diets are inadequate and we are malnourished on a macro nutrient level. To address this situation use a good quality multi-vitamin, Synthetic vitamins do nothing more than give you expensive pee so buy a ‘real’ multi-vitamin derived from natural sources. I can recommend a great multi-vitamin if you don’t know of one. Make sure the supplement includes Vitamin D – see below.

(Swine) Flu Treatment

Star anise – make and drink tea made from Star Anise. Believe it or not that spice has the same active ingredient found in tamiflu (the vaccine). It’s cheap, easily found in Asian food stores and tastes like liquorice. Plan to have a cup of tea every day for a while. Add it to curries, make biscuits (cookies) with the powder – you get the idea…

Common sense – if you become sick or run down – stay home and rest! You are more susceptible when sick/run down/stressed etc. If you are sick and you do have to go out – wear a mask. The efficacy of wearing a mask on transmission is being questioned however wearing one does remind you (and others) to do things like wash hands well, slow down. Another benefit is people will treat you better if they know you are sick.

Chicken Soup of course! Good, ‘real’ old fashioned chicken soup. You are already familiar with the positive effects of real chicken soup so make some – regularly. We have home made chicken soup/stock at least once a week throughout Autumn and winter. Sometimes I just make a batch of stock and serve it as a hot drink with dinner or as a snack with rice noodles. NB the stock just from boiled chicken has also been found to be beneficial. So I make batches of stock, freeze it and then use it as the basis for other meals. And if you don’t have time to cook? The Chinese have been making a variety of fortified chicken tonics readily available in Asian stores in multi-packs. We have used it from time to time and can report that it does give an energy boost and ameliorate symptoms. The other thing available in Asian grocers are soup packs which I always use in soup. The dried mixes are invariably based around ginseng and goji berries – two really health products. The mixes are easy to use, cost around $2 AUD and are healthy and yummy. If you, or the kids, don’t like herbs floating around soup just make up a large bouquet garni bag with some muslin from the fabric shop.

Stay away from sugar – it suppresses your immune system for up to 48 hours – I tell my kids – it puts your “army” (i.e. ‘natural defences’) to sleep – which no one wants nor can they afford. Back to basics – solid nutrition, good sleep, fresh air and sunlight.

Colloidal silver in the form of – Silver Sol – is an amazing product for a whole range of health problems including swine flu. The Dr (Phd) promoting the product Silver Sol (FDA approved) states it is more potent and bio available than ordinary colloidal silver because of how it is prepared. I have ordered a bottle and am waiting shipment so I cannot verify from my own experience. Suffice to say it (and the evidence) looked good enough for me to order some. Evidently it has been clinically proven to destroy bacteria, viruses and parasites.  Read the Doctors article and see what you think. Like I said I plan to trial it with myself, family & clients this winter. If you decide to trial the Silver Sol you can get it here.  I have read numerous cases of people successfully using Silver Sol to treat and halt flu symptoms in its tracks. It is also successfully treating MRSA and a host of other problems. I will be learning more about/experimenting with Silver Sol and so writing about it more extensively in the coming months. BTW the Silver Sol is donating product to Africa because of the great outcomes they are achieving; Nutronix is on a ‘mission’ to change the world. So if you want to change your world and others too support a company that is making real change.

Homoeopathic medicine – homoeopaths have a range of medicines to treat the individual manifestation of any given problem. Homoeopaths also have medicines for specific epidemics – so homoeopathy can definitely help. At the very least, if you are unable to see a homoeopath then consider over the counter products like Oscillococcinum (o-sill-o-cox-see-num). This product by Boiron is no replacement for a homoeopathic consult and it is better than nothing. It is most effective when taken at the first signs of flu. Does it work? Millions of people in over 43 countries use it regularly. I have used it with clients when I have not had my kit with me and it has been fabulous. Here are some clinical trial results for your information.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study of 100 patients showed that, when given at the onset of influenza-like symptoms, Oscillococcinum worked better than the placebo in reducing the symptoms of chills (85.7% vs. 57.1%), stiffness (72.5% vs. 41.9%) and fever (79.1% vs. 40%). Also 80% of patients given Oscillococcinum’ reported the treatment to be a success vs. 38% in the placebo group.’

In a double-blind, clinical trial of 300 patients with influenza-like symptoms, 55% of the patients taking Oscillococcinum’ reported no chills after four days, compared with 27% of the placebo – controlled group. More patients in the Oscillo’ group also reported no aches after four days -70% were ache-free compared with 48% in the placebo group. Fever in the Oscillococcinum’ group was significantly lower starting on the I second day of the treatment, compared to the placebo group.’

In a double-blind, clinical trial of 478 patients published in The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology in 1989, researchers studied Oscillococcinum’s effect on nine influenza-like symptoms-fever, headaches, stiffness, lumbar and particular pain, shivers, cough, coryza and fatigue – versus a placebo.  The proportion of patients who recovered within 48 hours of treatment was significantly superior among the Oscillo group than the placebo group.

A recent double-blind, clinical trial of 372 patients performed by researchers at a German University and published in April 1998 yielded results similar to those published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (above). The complete disappearance of symptoms after 48 hours was significantly superior among the Oscillo group than among the placebo group. This clinical trial also showed that treatment of influenza-like symptoms with Oscillococcinum’ has positive effect on the decline of symptoms and on the duration of the disease.

You decide.  I end the section on homoeopathy with an excerpt from a book “You Too Can Protect From The Flu” written by an American Homoeopath Joette Calabrese. Enjoy:

At the turn of the last century, approx 30-40% of the physicians in the U.S. were homeopaths.  While the allopaths (or conventional) doctors stood puzzled by the bedside of their dying patients, totalling worldwide upwards of 39 million  their homeopathic counterparts were administering safe and gentle homeopathic medicines and complete bed rest.  Their results were astonishing.  They treated their patients in large homeopathic hospitals where homeopathy was used exclusively by MD’s, in homes, factories and the countryside.

In the aftermath of the 1918/1919 Flu, allopaths were still scratching their heads.  Meanwhile, the homeopaths assembled for their annual conference with statistics.  In 1921 at the 77th convention of the American Institute of Homeopathy in Washington, D.C., Dr. T. A. McCann from Dayton, Ohio was one of the presenters.  He informed his distinguished, homeopathic colleagues that he had collected hard data on 24,000 cases of the flu that were treated by conventional means. In these cases a 28.2% rate of mortality was reported. Meanwhile, homeopathic physicians had 26,000 cases of the flu treated solely in the homeopathic manner and had a mortality rate of only 1.05%!  Another report was offered by Dr. Frank Wieland of Chicago who confirmed that in the plant where he was employed, of 8,000 workers… “We had only one death. We used no Aspirin and no vaccines. Gelsemium was practically the only remedy used.” The reports of many doctors – from New York to San Francisco were gathered and presented commanding evidence that still holds today.  Homeopathy is not capricious with methods that are here today, gone tomorrow.  Instead homeopathy’s ability to thwart even the deadliest of flu’s in the history of mankind, upheld in a most impressive manner.  And with Gelsemium at the helm.

NB – Gelsemium is a great homoeopathic remedy used successfully for flu when there’s flu accompanied by a profound fatigue.  Use it when the sufferer is so exhausted that all movement is an effort. And use it as soon as those symptoms manifest. You can take Gelsemium every 3-4 hours ( in a 30x or 30c potency) for a day or so or until the symptoms resolve. Resolution?  Yes, when the right remedy is selected the problem, in this case the flu, will ‘vanish’.  If the symptoms return, repeat the dosage (A dose is 4-6 small pills).  Stop if you get no benefits after 2 consecutive days; this will indicate an incorrect prescription. Gelsemium is only one remedy among many used by homeopaths.

Vitamin D supplements.  H1N1 has been linked to a vitamin D deficiency. According to a recent study, as many as 77% of all Americans may be deficient in vitamin D which is essential for bone health. It may also prevent H1N1 (Swine Flu) and other seasonal flu, wheezing, winter-related eczema, upper respiratory infections. It is linked to numerous other diseases to including cancer and auto immune diseases. Those stats change for different demographics. For example, an important new study from Children’s Hospital in Boston found that as many as 80% of Hispanic children and 92% of black children, what the study calls non-Hispanic black children, may also be deficient in this vitamin.

37 Natural Cold and Flu Remedies from CasaDay is a 54 page report on natural cold and flu remedies from around the world. Now, I have not read this book but I have bought from Chet Day (aka CasaDay) before and I have subscribed to their sites. I have always found Chet Day to be insightful, humorous and helpful so I have no question in recommending a product like CasaDay 37 Natural Cold and Flu Remedies. I am also happy to recommend Chet Day because the offer comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Like I said, I bought something from Chet myself and when I could not find the file – months later – he sent me another one no problems. So I know he is a trustworthy and reliable source.

OK, there you have it. We know some of you feel that vaccination is necessary. So, if you decide to get vaccinated remember to see a natural health practitioner and get something to ameliorate any side effects. At the very least make sure you take some good anti-oxidants afterwards or some vitamin c. And if you or someone you love needs to take  antibiotics please remember to supplement with a good quality probiotic to reestablish the colonies of gut bacteria killed by the anitbiotics. Every body needs good gut flora to function optimally.

Prevention is better than cure – Desiderius Erasmus